Forged in steel. Primed in techno.

Futuramic Media is a studio made by Detroit. We are a team of designers, developers, and most of all … thinkers. Like the city that is our muse, our methodology is born from proven hard work. It pulses with creativity that is unmistakenly inspired by Detroit Technology. We are future-builders.


You are more than your logo. We take a complete wholistic look at your business by understanding your competitive space. We'll create a brand that will uniquely position you for future growth.


We design interactions based on your customer. We're not about trends. When everyone zigs that's when you zag. That's how you build for tomorrow and separate yourself from the competition.


The future now: apps are the intersection of marketing and web development. You need a web company that not only understands the latest tech but how it can be applied now and where it'll lead down the road.

Let's Build Something

Technology moves fast. There's no need to chase it. Let us develop the right solutions for you. Send us a message and let's build it.